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Desktop Not Booting / Not working

Desktop Not Booting / Not working

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A faulty power supply is a major reason for damaging Desktop motherboards.

Overheating of the Desktop due to reduced cooling can also be a major factor for a non working desktop.

Power supply fluctuations and spikes can easily cause damage to your computer motherboard. A desktop may also randomly shut down due to overheating and dust accumulation in addition to other notebook motherboard issues.

  • The non-working / non-booting desktop may have multiple reasons and need to be checked for multiple checkpoints. 
  • Incase the desktop is non repairable, we only charge only the checking amount
  • The cost is only for the checking and not the actual repair cost
  • Actual Cost of repair may vary as per the spares to be used for the repair and the complexity of the work involved. Our Team keep you informed and based on your confirmation for repair only we will take up the repair work.
  • There may be data loss and the company is not responsible for any data loss.
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