Device Service Policy

Before Submitting Devices for service, Please read our service policy carefully.

  1. All servicing will be done on Customers responsibility. In no event we will be liable for any loss or damage including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damages whatsoever arising from use of parts or data or in connection with. There is no warranty or risk will be taken for dead condition device (Laptop/Desktop/Printer). If device is received in dead condition, chances of getting it on may depend on device condition. 
  2. In-Warranty Devices: We, the service provider, shall not be obliged to undertaking the repair of the device under warranty. We hereby advice customer to get in touch with authorized service centers. We do not repair in-warranty product.

Important & Recommended:

  1. Device Specification / Record of Spare Parts / Parts Removal: RapiFix do not alter or remove any part of the device without customer notification/approval, however hereby we advice to customer to note down the device serial number wherever it is applicable. No queries will be entertained under this matter and if any dispute arises then RapiFix decision will be held/considered final and Customer will be agreed to it. Rapifix, will provide to the customer Processor, RAM, harddisk, ssd information before it takes a service request. Incase of the dead device, the customer information will be verified and videography proof will be recorded to ascertain the configuration.
  2. Data Backup: Customer is solely responsible for any data in the device (hard disk / ssd ). RapiFix neither accesses customer data nor takes any backup (store) at our end. RapiFix will seek prior customer permission before accessing login credentials by customer. Customer must backup the data before giving device for repair. During the repair process in certain cases due beyond our control, if any data is lost, we are not responsible for its recovery or NO compensation will be paid.
  3. Data Recovery: RapiFix deletes the local copy/data from our computer in front of customer upon successful data recovery from crashed hard disk,. We do not take any responsibility of data leak if customer had provided hard disk to another vendor before giving us for data recovery. Customer must inform such details prior to submitting hard disk for recovery – No compensation is liable to pay in such cases.
  4. Data Responsibility: All software’s and its related data in a device are customer responsibility; Customer must backup all the data before giving it for repair. Neither RapiFix nor its service personnel are responsible for any of customer confidential, proprietary or personal information contained in the device which customer submitted for repair. Customer should remove all such information from the device prior to its submitting. None of our technicians has rights to access customer data without permission.
  5. Charges mentioned on the Website: The charges mentioned on the website are for services only and doesn’t include cost for replacements/parts or spare parts/warranties/guarantee/consumables. Charges mentioned on website are standard and subject to increase/decrease based on the availability of spare parts. The charges for labor as well as spare parts shall be as per the applicable price lists, which may change without any prior intimation.
  6. Device Dead Confirmation: During diagnosis if we figure out that further changes / troubleshooting on device may render the device dead. In such cases, customer approval (written) will be taken. Customer has rights to cancel / continue / instruct further repair on his own risk. We are not responsible to pay in case device dead during repair.
  7. Basic Estimate Cost (Provisional): Estimated cost given at the time of acceptance of the device for repair is provisional and may vary at the time of detailed inspection. Final expected charges may be more than the initial estimate; the work will start only post approval of estimate from customer.
  8. Estimate Approval: For repairs at our service centers, final repairing estimate/cost will be shared with customer and it is customer responsibility to confirm back via SMS/Email/Whatsapp. As per our policy, work will not be proceeding until customer approves the estimate. If negotiation stands in discussion then once the amount is finalized then no additional discount will be provided at the time of delivery and customer has to pay the final negotiated amount. If final estimate not approved by the customer within 2 days, then device will be returned after the pick-up and drop charges are paid. If estimate approval delayed by customer then we are not responsible for the delay in returning the device.
  9. Estimate Disapproved: If customer disapproves the estimate / quotation then Rs.199 + (GST Additional) will be applicable as default charges or negotiated cost or discounted rate / offer provided by support team, then those charges will be applicable.
  10. Device Service Return Policy: For repairs handled at our service centers, our standard return time remains as 3 business days. RapiFix will make all efforts to service/repair the device within 3-5 Business days.
  11. Delay in Servicing: RapiFix is not liable for any delays, non-performance, and back-up of data or non-delivery within 5 days due to unavailability of spares, complexity of the problem, natural calamity, etc. However, we will keep the customer informed about delay and appropriate estimate date of return. Customer has rights to withdraw further service anytime.
  12. Warranty: All repairs are under warranty for a maximum period of 15 days (In some cases No warranty will be provided, based on scope of the work). This means if the device develops the same problem within warranty period for which it was repaired, we will service the device again free of cost. This will be offered for two attempts. The warranty will be applicable from the date of Delivery or Invoice, whichever is later. No warranty will be applicable on cartridges (toner) or refilling. This warranty applies only to those spare parts which were found defective and repaired, it does not apply to device in which no defect was found and returned as is or merely re-calibrated. Out of warranty products/spare parts may not be capable of being returned to the exact original specifications or dimensions.
  13. Warranty Period: Hardware warranty will be applicable as per manufacturer policy, term and product type. However, warranty does not include Physical damage, Liquid damage, Tampering, Accidental damage, Explode damage, Human misuse. We no way responsible to provide replacement for customer if manufacturer refuses warranty under their term.
  14. Device Non-Repairable: We will put all our efforts to repair / service your device however in certain unforeseen circumstances if your device is not repairable or serviceable then same will be returned to customer and applicable. Only visit / diagnosis charges or as committed by the support team will be liable to pay by the customer.
  15. Non-returnable Spare Parts: Some of the defective parts replaced while undertaking the repairs will not be returned to the Customer. Examples: IC, Capacitors, Cables, Controllers, PCB, Damaged Screen, burned Motherboard, Hinges, Consumables etc. If customer needs such consumables then it should be intimated in advance.
  16. Device Repair Verification: RapiFix will inform the customer to verify the device at the time of delivery, and confirm the issue status for which device was submitted / service undertaken. There would no responsibility taken from RapiFix, once device has been handed-over to the customer with a Confirmation oft he issue resolved. No issues will be considered for missing Spare Parts or malfunctions.
  17. Advance Payment: In some cases, spare parts may not be available in stock and are required to procure on order basis from authorized service center or distributor. In this case customer needs to make an advance payment of 50% of the spare parts cost. Entire Advance amount will be refunded if spare parts were not available by Service center or distributors. There will be no interest paid if authorized service center or distributor delay the spare parts delivery.
  18. Payment & Billing: Customer will be responsible to pay billed amount to technician for service offered. Customer should verify the available payment options / method in advance. If customer refused or denied to pay the service charges then device will be held until entire payment is made. Customer has to make the payment at the time of delivery. The technician has right to refuse the delivery if payment if it is not made in entirety.
  19. Invoice: Customer will receive electronically generated invoice (PDF) to registered email address. Warranty details will be mentioned in Invoice. Hard copy will be provided based on request only.
  20. GST Compliant Invoice: We follow strict guidelines for GST / taxes. Customer will be charged including GST. Corporate customer can share the GST number in advance before closing the request and in order to receive invoice in claimable GST Invoice. If the GST is not shared in advance and a non claimable invoice is raised, no alteration or request for the claimable GST cannot be made.
  21. Replacement Policy: No advance replacement will be issued unless the faulty is returned. Customer needs to submit the product/spare part to receive the replacement. Also, waiting period for the replacement will be informed to customer at the time of product/spare part submitted.
  22. Refund: Due to certain unpredictable reason or repeat issue / re-occurred for repaired device (Laptop / Desktop/ Printer) within our offered warranty period, two more attempts will be initiated from our side to fix the issue. However, if we’re unable to fix the issue then, we will initiate the refund. Refund will be processed with deduction of visiting charges and diagnosis charges (Rs.199 + GST (18%)) as applicable.

    There would be 100% refund issued on product purchased for any manufacturing defect / damage and no replacement available with us. Also, if new spare part was ordered and fixed then, either spare part cost will be adjusted in refund or spare part will be taken back. However, if spare part is not re-usable then customer has to bear the cost associated with it. Refund will be credited back to the original form through which received. Customer can claim for non-fix issues within warranty period. Outside warranty period issues will not be considered for refund.

    Customer must collect the refund within 15 days since it is initiated / approved. In case if customer is eligible for return/submit the product to receive refund then such product and refund should be completed within 15 days. If customer didn't return the product within 15 days then no refund will be approved/initiated.

    No Refund Applicable: There is no refund issued on printer consumable items e.g. Cartridges, Refilling (Toner / Cartridges), Pressure Roller, Paper Assembly, Printer Body, Clean-up and servicing, Paper Lift, Carriage Assembly, Printer Head and Nozzle. "No warranty offered - Services" / "products" are not eligible for refund, Hereby we advise customer to clarify warranty assistance before opting for service or purchase. Refund is not applicable for customization, fabrication, power cable, service and cleanup services.
  23. Replacement Wait Time: Under warranty replacement for compatible or dealer warranty product/spare parts may require 5-8 business days.
  24. Stocking Charges: Once device is repaired / non-repairable at service center and intimated to the customer about the service completion, the customer should collect the device from the store. Incase it is a device delivery the customer should be available at the place of delivery to collect the same within 3 working days. Post the 3 days waiting period a charge of Rs.50 per day will be applicable as Stocking charges.
  25. Authorized Service Center Warranty: It is the prerogative / responsibility of the customer to seek for product/device warranty from manufacturer (Authorized Service Center) whenever it is applicable. We are not responsible if authorized service center refuses the warranty. We strongly advice customer to read the manufacturers terms and conditions carefully.
  26. Extended Compensation for Damage:In case there is damaged or fault happened from RapiFix technician, to compensate the loss, RapiFix computing services will payoff upto Rs. 5000* (maximum) as a compensation. the damage/fault will be reviewed and based on the loss/damage compensation will be paid. If dispute arise then RapiFix Computing Services decision will be held/considered as final. Any further legal consideration will be processed and completed in Hyderabad Jurisdiction only. Extended compensation for damage - will not be applicable for device (Desktop/Laptop) received in dead condition.
  27. Misbehavior with RapiFix Technicians: Customer understand and agree that any physical/misbehavior/abusive wording with engineer at service location will be attracting criminal and legal charges, all the dispute will be handled and resolved in Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.
  28. Dispute Resolution: In case, customer have a dispute with one or more other our service providers / partners / Vendors due to personal reason, customer hereby release the company / RapiFix computing services, its Owners directors, officers, employees, agents and consultants from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind or nature. Website or company would have no liability for any loss or damage incurring to customer due to any communications or dealings with any of the service provider, or other users on the website.

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What are the Brands you repair?

We are well experienced to handle all major brands

Are your Technicians qualified to work on my Laptop/Desktop?

Our technicians have a lot of experience working on different platforms and have handled all sorts of hardware issues from time to time. Our experts are Certified Professionals who can promise excellent in-home service delivery to you.

Is your Technician repair Laptop/Desktop at Home?

Yes, 90% Desktops/Laptops repaired at customer place.

Do you service Laptop/Desktop in front of customer?

Yes, we always provide 100% transparent services to our customers.

What type of Laptop/Desktop parts you use?

We use 100% original parts from OEM's

Do you charge for trouble shooting the problem?

No, Its free.However we do charge a nominal Home visiting charge as per the policy if you don't opt for servicing.

Do I need to take backup before my Laptop servicing?

Yes,It's always good to back up your data.However, we will not touch your HDD or personal data.

Do the customer get a warranty for service?

Yes, you can get 15 days of free service.

Do you accept cash payment?

Yes, we accept Cash,UPI,Cards, IMPS, NEFT.