Laptop and Mobile Service Camp

Regular maintenance improves the performance and increases the life of Laptop / Printer / Mobile.

The General service includes
1) Checking / Diagnosis of all the issues and Cleaning
     We check all the issues related to your laptop or mobile or desktop, and suggest the best solution for you accordingly.
2) Ram Cleaning, Display Check, All Ports Checking
    Through cleaning of the Laptop by opening the back flap, de-dusting, so that fan and heating issues may not arise. We also check the display ports and usb ports for proper working
3) Thermal Paste for Laptops getting overheated
    Adding thermal paste to laptops with over heating reduces the heating of the overall CPU and saves from motherboard damage in the longrun.
4) Fan Check, Battery Check (Capacity Check and information)
     Using specific System softwares, we check the working of Fan, temperatues at laptop, battery capacity check and suggest if a battery change is required
5) OS Check, Software Slowness Check and suggested solutions
     We check the OS problems, missing device drivers, check the OS services, verify the hard drive utilization and suggest hard disk change or upgrade to SSD.
6) Paper Jam for Printers, Printer Diagnostics.
     For printer having paper jam, we try to resolve the issue by opening the cover, clearing and cleaning the paper roller. If not possible and requires changes to rollers or roller rubbers, we would suggest the repair.

For Mobiles with broken glass or display and wish to get replaced at camp, we request you to fill the Service Request Form. This enables us to bring the required spares accordingly and service at the camp itself

You can contact us on our number : 9121214175 for further details.
Request you all to utilize this facility to increase the life of Laptops / Desktops / Mobiles / Printers.

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What are the Brands you repair?

We are well experienced to handle all major brands

Are your Technicians qualified to work on my Laptop/Desktop?

Our technicians have a lot of experience working on different platforms and have handled all sorts of hardware issues from time to time. Our experts are Certified Professionals who can promise excellent in-home service delivery to you.

Is your Technician repair Laptop/Desktop at Home?

Yes, 90% Desktops/Laptops repaired at customer place.

Do you service Laptop/Desktop in front of customer?

Yes, we always provide 100% transparent services to our customers.

What type of Laptop/Desktop parts you use?

We use 100% original parts from OEM's

Do you charge for trouble shooting the problem?

No, Its free.However we do charge a nominal Home visiting charge as per the policy if you don't opt for servicing.

Do I need to take backup before my Laptop servicing?

Yes,It's always good to back up your data.However, we will not touch your HDD or personal data.

Do the customer get a warranty for service?

Yes, you can get 15 days of free service.

Do you accept cash payment?

Yes, we accept Cash,UPI,Cards, IMPS, NEFT.